A faster, easier way for families that don’t qualify for financial aid to avoid college debt…and regret.

Does this sound familiar? 

You've worked hard to give your kids a great life.

You really want them to go to college, but the thought of paying for it is scary.

You don’t know what to do or where to start so your child doesn’t end up with tons of college debt.

You’re up at night worried about your child’s future.

You’re busy… and so is your student.

You might be feeling...

checkmarkGuilty that you haven’t saved enough.

checkmarkOverwhelmed because you don’t know what to do or where to start.

checkmarkTerrified of weighing your child down with decades of college debt.

checkmarkFrustrated by how hard it is to find merit scholarships.

checkmarkStuck between earning "too much" for financial aid, but not enough to pay for college.

checkmarkStressed about figuring out funding so you don’t burden your student's future.

You’re not alone.
And it’s not your fault.

With college costs skyrocketing, it’s nearly impossible to save enough.

College costs continue to cripple families.




per year is happening more and more.


We want our kids to go college, but we don’t want them to spend decades paying for it.


With student college debt hitting $1.7 Trillion, we can't risk our kids having financial stress for the rest of their lives because we didn't do anything to prevent it. Overspending on college can force our kids to take jobs they hate, wait to start a family or buy a house, or move back home after graduation. 

Plus, people over age 50 have $90 Billion in college debt for their kids and grandkids. 

We can't rely on college counselors—they focus on admissions, not costs.

We need to take matters into our own hands.

Hi, I'm Nancy Paul.

I'm a mom of three daughters.
And like you, we didn't qualify for financial aid.

I used to believe that college counselors help get students into college AND find ways to pay for it. (Students need to be able to do both, after all!)

But, when the college counselor handed us the college list she created for Rebecca, our eldest, I realized that most college counselors focus on admissions and ranking—not whether our kids will graduate with tons of college debt, drop out because of cost, or transfer schools because they can’t afford to stay.

I felt like a bad parent for caring how much we paid for college. Was it selfish not to pay whatever it took for the girls to go to the “best” schools they could get into?

Secretly, I worried that Rebecca WOULD get into her $67,000 per-year top-choice school that doesn’t offer any merit scholarships. Then we’d have tough decisions to make. Would we let her go?  

Like so many other well-meaning parents, we focused so much on the girls getting in…and not nearly enough on paying for it.

I spent 100 hours researching merit scholarships—money for college based on achievement—for my eldest daughter. 

Large databases weren’t the answer—they don’t include local scholarships. Plus, Rebecca’s achievements didn’t fit neatly into an online questionnaire.

All the workshops talked about need-based financial aid and the FAFSA. But, like many other middle class families, we earned "too much" for that.

We needed solutions that fit our kids’ and our family’s circumstances...and our daughters' achievements, interests, and goals.

In the end, my three daughters won $600,000 in merit scholarships!

Focusing on your student's achievements is the best way to pay less for college, avoid unnecessary college debt, and prepare your child for a bright future.

Nancy created the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ so parents who earn too much for financial aid can stop feeling overwhelmed about using achievement to pay (less) for college.

Since 2011, Nancy's been teaching the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ to parents nationwide.

It’s not a bunch of theories.

It’s a system that works. 

And it leads to saving on college for all kinds of students!

The W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ starts with who your student is, explores their interests and your family's priorities, and ends with finding money for college. 

She created The Pay Less for College Bootcamp, an event to guide parents step-by-step through the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™.

EVERY family that has attended The Pay Less for College Bootcamp has found money for college...even for 6th graders!

Parents say that following a “road map” makes them feel more prepared and less stressed.

They love knowing that they're not making mistakes, not wasting time making (or fixing) mistakes, or missing out on opportunities to save.


I found over $100,000.

"The Bootcamp was so helpful and such a great value.

I found over $100K worth of merit scholarships that my son qualifies for at the event!"

- Phil H., father of 11th, 8th, and 5th graders


Great tips and insights!

"Nancy’s wealth of knowledge made what initially sounded like a daunting process very approachable and manageable. She offers great tips and insights into all aspects of the scholarship process, and what to do to save on college."   

- Tory H., mother of an 11th grader


It’s so useful!

"It’s such a relief and so useful to know what you need to do to get ready!"

- Laurie T., mother of 4

No parent should have to waste hundreds of hours figuring out how to pay (less) for college so their kids can have a great future.

Now your family can have the benefits of The
Pay Less for College Bootcamp and the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ at home!

Introducing your solution to skyrocketing college costs...

The online resource for families that earn too much for financial aid but not enough
to pay outrageous prices for college.


Featuring a recorded Pay Less for College Bootcamp,
The College Treasure Chest
guides you step-by-step through the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ to find merit scholarships and 
more ways to pay (less) for college.

It’s 100% digital, so you can go at your own pace and on your own schedule. Use it again and again to keep finding money for college until your student is holding their diploma!


With The College Treasure Chest you'll:


checkmarkSleep better knowing you’re doing all you can to send your child to a great college…and be smart about paying for it.

checkmarkGet clear on what to do starting in middle school to pay (less) for college and give your student more confidence, opportunities, and financial freedom in the process.

checkmarkUncover cost-saving strategies your college counselor probably won’t tell you.

checkmarkGain insight on the best community service and other activities.

checkmarkAvoid common mistakes that can cost you a lot of time and money.

checkmarkUnderstand which schools MUST go on your student’s college list if you care about how much you pay for college.

checkmarkDiscover how “sticker prices” can be misleading and cause you to pay more.

checkmarkLearn shortcuts to pursue local and national private merit scholarships, as well as institutional merit aid from colleges.

checkmarkStay organized so you don’t miss deadlines or waste time.

checkmarkReceive essay tips from a former UCLA scholarship judge.

checkmarkHelp your student reach their full potential. 

Here's what's in it:

The Pay Less for College Bootcamp Video Collection

VALUE: $697

All the videos, strategies, and tools recorded from our signature four-hour live event. You don’t need training that’s longer than that—our goal is to save you time and shorten your “to do” list, after all!

You’ll find merit scholarships and learn 7 more ways to use achievements and give your student skin-in-the-game. Come back and use this resource whenever you need a refresher, or more money for college! 


The W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ Training Modules

Follow the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ step-by-step starting with who (W) your student is and ending with opportunities for your student to save (S) on college and enjoy more success in life.


Explore who your student is and where they are in the process.


Uncover all the areas of your teen’s achievements, passions and challenges that can lead to money for college.


Choose from three road maps to cost-saving solutions that match your objectives.

  1. The Top-Notch Road Map for students aiming for highly selective schools.
  2. The Panning for Gold Road Map for those looking for more options for how much they pay for college.
  3. The Show Me the Money/Show Me the Degree Road Map for families whose #1 priority is paying as little as possible.

Find merit scholarships that fit your child now! Follow shortcuts to find national, local, private, and institutional merit scholarships.


Celebrate the non-financial benefits of your teen gaining more confidence, “skin in the game,” opportunities, and financial literacy.

Your student can be: 

Prepared for college. Empowered for life.™


Elevate your family's financial wellness as your student gains life skills for college and beyond.

Worksheets and Templates

VALUE: $297

checkmarkThe Student Inventory of Achievements

checkmarkCollege Cost Comparison Worksheet

checkmarkThe Scholarship Organizer

checkmarkPrivate Merit Scholarships Inventory Grid

  checkmarkInstitutional Merit Scholarships
          Inventory Grid

  checkmarkThe Test Your Knowledge About Paying for College Quiz

Guides to More Money

VALUE: $247

checkmarkWhere to Find Them: Hiding Spots for Private
Merit Scholarships

checkmarkThe Pay Less for College Blueprint: 3 Road Maps to
Reach Your Goals

checkmark23 More Strategies for $aving Big on College Cost$




You'll go from not knowing what to do to peace of mind about your child's future.

How much is it? 


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The College Treasure Chest is the solution for families that earn too much for financial aid but not enough to pay outrageous prices for college.

Reality check:

A single institutional merit scholarship can be as much as $100,000!

Families have invested $7,000 for Nancy to research merit scholarships for them.

Winning one $500 merit scholarship saves your child from working 75 hours at a minimum wage job.

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When you buy The College Treasure Chest today, you'll also receive these extra bonuses:

The College Money Pit: 5 Common Mistakes That Will Have You Paying Too Much for College…and how to avoid them 

One of our most popular myth-busting trainings. 

VALUE: $197

Q&A Call (previously recorded)

Get answers to parents' most frequently asked questions.

VALUE: $147

3 Coaching Call Recordings (previously recorded)

Discover more shortcuts so you can minimize college debt, and get excited about your child's college experience!

VALUE: $197



Here's a recap of what you'll get...

The College Treasure Chest:

The Pay Less for College Bootcamp Video Collection 

$697 VALUE


The W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ Training Modules 
Follow the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ step-by-step starting with who (W) your student is and ending with opportunities for your student to save (S) on college and enjoy more success in life.


Your Worksheets and Templates 

$297 VALUE

The Test Your Knowledge About Paying for College Quiz

The Student Inventory of Achievements College Cost Comparison Worksheet

The Scholarship Organizer Private Merit Scholarships Inventory Grid

Institutional Merit Scholarships Inventory Grid

Where to Find Them: Hiding Spots for Private Merit Scholarships


Your Guides 

$247 VALUE

The Pay Less for College Blueprint:
3 Road Maps to Reach Your Goals

23 More Strategies for $aving Big on College Cost$


Your Bonuses:

The College Money Pit

$197 VALUE

Q&A Call Recording 

$147 VALUE

3 Coaching Call Recordings 

$197 VALUE





You do have a choice.

You can:

checkmarkPrepare now for your child's future with The College Treasure Chest: Where to Find Money for College Faster.

checkmarkSave time, reduce stress, and maximize your student’s potential.

checkmarkStart using your student’s achievements to find money for college today!

checkmarkTake charge of the skyrocketing costs of college for your family’s future.

checkmarkModel financial responsibility for your child.


Or, you can:

checkmarkTake your chances with your child's future and see how it all plays out.

checkmarkSpend 100+ hours figuring out on your own how to use your child's achievements to save on college.

checkmarkAlways wonder if you could’ve done more for your child.

>>> YES, I NEED THIS! <<<

What makes
The College Treasure Chest



✓ Most other programs primarily focus on need-based aid. Your challenges and opportunities are different. Our strategies are for families that don’t qualify for need-based financial aid.

✓ You don’t earn too much—and it’s not too soon—to win money for college using our system.

✓ You'll have ongoing access to all of the resources. Unlike other programs, your access won't expire in 6 months.

✓ We know that how much you pay for college for one child impacts the whole family, so we don't charge per child. 

✓ You'll only pay one time.

✓ Our approach works well with 529 Plans and other financial tools.

✓ Financial advisors use our solutions for their own families and clients!

Why Now?

  1. The pandemic changed so many things. The one thing that hasn't changed is you wanting the very best for your child. 

  2. College keeps getting MORE expensive.

  3. What your child does (or doesn't do) in middle school affects how much you’ll pay for college.

  4. They can start winning merit scholarships—money for college based on achievement—now, and keep winning more year after year.

  5. Private merit scholarship deadlines expire every week.

  6. Even kindergarteners can win money for college (the Doodle for Google scholarship starts with K-3).

  7. The longer you wait, the more you'll spend, and the more you'll regret it.

Wondering if The College Treasure Chest is right for you?

This opportunity is right for your family even if: 

checkmarkYou have a college counselor. They mostly focus on admissions, not the cost of college, especially for students who don’t qualify for financial aid.

checkmarkYour student doesn’t have perfect grades.

checkmarkYou’ve already looked for merit scholarships but couldn’t find many.

checkmarkYou don’t know where your student is going to college yet.

checkmarkYour student is “only” in middle school.

checkmarkYou’ve set up 529 Plans and other saving vehicles.


Focusing on your student's achievements is the best way to pay less for college, avoid unnecessary college debt, and prepare your child for a bright future.

Other Relieved Parents Have Said:

“You presented a great balance of overview and practical steps to get people started.”

- Zack Stenger, father of 4

Nancy is exceptional because she is able to change and improve people’s lives.”

- Craig Cahow, father and grandfather

“You have helped us all immensely.”

- Janine Gershon, mother of 3

"Joe won $22,000 from the scholarship you helped us find at the bootcamp. The money is great but what’s perhaps more valuable to us is how great he feels about helping pay for college. Imagine what could’ve happened if we followed your advice sooner! I’m telling everyone about you and your strategies!"

- Grant Shimamoto, father

“I was immediately impressed with Nancy's extensive knowledge and expertise. She absolutely knows her stuff and best of all knows exactly how to present it to parents and students so it is not overwhelming -- an important trait since most parents find any college subject overwhelming."

- Robin Lutsky, College and Career Center/Scholarship Coordinator
Calabasas High School

“First you taught us how to identify our student’s unique strengths and achievements. Then you helped us explore some key merit scholarship sites. Next we learned to create our own targeted searches to find private merit scholarships, and then finally how to find institutional merit aid. You really packed it in so we all left there knowing what to do!”

- Christen Berman, mother and grandmother

“I felt so overwhelmed when I started. Someone should’ve told us earlier what you said on the bootcamp.”

- Sydne M., mother

Still not sure?

Thinking that the cost of college will simply work out in your child's favor, and staying in denial, usually leads to guilt, more debt, and regret.

Recap: Here's what you’ll get with
The College Treasure Chest

checkmarkThe Pay Less for College Bootcamp Video Collection

checkmarkThe proven W.I.S.H.E.S. System™

checkmarkThe Student Inventory of Achievements

checkmarkCollege Cost Comparison Worksheet

checkmarkWhere to Find Them: Hiding Spots for Private Merit Scholarships

checkmarkThe Pay Less for College Blueprint: 3 Road Maps to Reach Your Goals


checkmark23 Ways to Save More

checkmarkPrivate Merit Scholarships Inventory Grid

checkmarkInstitutional Merit Scholarships Inventory Grid

checkmark23 More Strategies for $aving Big on College Cost$

checkmarkWhat’s your Goal for Pursuing Merit Scholarships?

checkmarkThe Scholarship Organizer

checkmarkBonus Content! The College Money Pit, Q&A Call, PLUS Coaching Call Recordings



YOU'LL PAY: $597

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Let’s face it. If you already knew how to find money for college,
you would have already done it.

Get The College Treasure Chest: Where to Find Money for College today...and sleep better tonight!

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Email us at [email protected]

Nancy is the bestselling author of The Little Book about Scholarships, a former UCLA scholarship judge, consultant to financial advisors, paid speaker, coach, and workshop leader.

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