If you earn too much for financial aid but not enough to pay $60K-$80K for one year of college, you’re not alone... 


And it’s not your fault.

Too many students are missing out on merit scholarships, drowning in college debt, and getting wrong information that makes college more expensive than it has to be. 

You don’t have to stay overwhelmed, feel guilty, or make mistakes figuring out how to pay for college on your own.

Three Wishes College Strategies has been giving parents peace of mind by helping families who don’t qualify for financial aid to pay for college since 2011.


I'm Nancy Paul and I helped my daughters win $600,000 in merit scholarships – money for college based on their achievements.


One of my daughters missed out on an automatic $44,000 merit scholarship at one of her top choice colleges because her college counselor gave our family wrong advice.

And so, my mission to protect other families from the stress and consequences of costly mistakes was born.

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“Thanks again for your help. Joe and I will never forget! Joe won $22,000 from the scholarship you helped us find at the bootcamp. The money is great but what’s perhaps more valuable to us is how great he feels about helping pay for college. Imagine what could’ve happened if we had followed your advice sooner! I’m telling everyone about you and your strategies!”

Grant Shimamoto, Business Leader, and Father

Here's the good news...


Students who don’t qualify for financial aid have unique opportunities to earn money for college…and gain confidence, life skills, and financial literacy that will serve them for life. 

If your family earns too much for financial aid – or you work with others in this spot – you owe it to yourself and them to learn these strategies. 

We partner with families, financial literacy & education programs, school districts, college counselors, and financial advisors. 


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